2021-2022 Competitive Kids and Teens

7 to 19 years

These competitive classes are available for ages 7 and up (BY AUDITIONS ONLY)


These classes are for those who love Hip Hop and want to dance at a competitive level.  This program will train the students to become the best dancers they can be and at the same time will develop their confidence, focus, teamwork, techniques and performance skills.  Dancers will develop great friendships and become part of an amazing dance family and community.  These competitive classes are both fun and challenging and involve commitment from both the dancers and the parents.  

All students must audition and be selected to be part of a team. Auditions are held at the end of August, so please check the audition schedule for all the info.

Students will learn 1 Mix from Sept to March.  They will compete in 3 dance competitions in the months of March, April and May. They will perform at all the Remix Shows (3).  You can find all this info and more under Dancer Info and Competitive Dancer Info.  

Follow these steps to register for either one of our programs:

1- Login to your account or create an account

2- Click Register Now

3- Fill out the registration form

4- Make your payment

You will receive an email from us before your first class to let you know the following details:
Group Name
Day of Class
Time of Class
Instructor Name
Date of first class
What to wear
What to bring

All competitive students must purchase a costume for the competitions and Final Show, this is not optional. Costume prices range from 150$-200$
A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is required upon registration.

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