2023-2024 Recreational Kids and Teens

ages 5 to 19


These classes are available for ages 5 to 19.

These classes are for those dancers who love Hip Hop and who love to dance just for fun. This program introduces dancers to the fundamental techniques and foundations of hip hop and develops the dancers musicality, coordination, confidence, performance skills and ability to pick up choreography.

Recreational classes are all 1 hour, once a week .  Dancers learn Mix 1 from Sept to Dec, learn Mix 2 from Jan to April and learn a Finale number at the end of April.  These dancers will then perform Mix 1, Mix 2 and the Finale number at their big Year End Show in May.  

Follow these steps to register for either one of our programs:

1- Login to your account or create an account

2- Click Register Now

3- Fill out the registration form

4- Make your payment

You will receive an email from us before your first class to let you know the following details:
Group Name
Day of Class
Time of Class
Instructor Name
Date of first class
What to wear
What to bring

A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is required upon registration.

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