Competition Rules

These rules are to be followed by all dancers from Remix Dance Academy attending competitions.  The following rules have been created to clearly explain all the expectations that are put forth for all dancers and parents involved in these competitions.  

All competition scheduling is set by the competition itself; not our studio.  Competition season runs from the end of March to the end of May. Competitions normally run from a Thursday morning to a Sunday evening (depending on your scheduled time, you might need to miss school or work to attend a competition). The schedules will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the competition.  Please check our website frequently to obtain that information.  Be aware that a dance could go on stage earlier or later than planned.  We WILL NOT WAIT for a dancer to arrive before putting a dance on stage. All dancers must arrive at least 2 hours in advance of their performance time. This is to allow dancers time to warm up and practice their routine a few times before performing, and to ensure that all dancers are present if the competition is running ahead of schedule  

You are not allowed to miss a competition. Anyone who misses a competition without a valid doctor’s note will not be able to participate in the rest of the competitions. We hand out the competition list and dates in September so you can plan your schedule accordingly.  We do not provide refunds for missing dancers under any circumstances. 

You must attend your regular weekly classes.  Students are not permitted to miss more than 2 classes throughout the year without a valid doctor's note.  We are a team and cannot grow as an ensemble if we are constantly missing dancers.

Outfits for the competitions must all be identical.  Points for costumes are awarded at each competition.  An outfit list will be available months before the competition in order to give you enough time to shop and purchase what is required. 

In the dressing room, do not move anyone's items without permission.  Do not leave valuable items unattended in the dressing room (e.g., jewelry, phones, money, etc.). Pay attention to signs such as "No Food".  Make sure items are turned off or unplugged. Dancers must have permission from their teacher before leaving the dressing room to watch other dances. Make sure that you leave the dressing area the way we found it.

Once a dancer is ready and warmed up, parents should sit in the audience with other Studio parents (i.e., not with instructors or dancers).  Support and cheer for all Studio performances, whether or not your child is part of that performance! Make sure to support all the other dancers and studios who are at the competition as well.  

All dancers must be present and sit together during the Awards Ceremony, this shows good sportsmanship.  One designated person from each dance (whether duet, trio, group dance) will receive the award.  All awards (ribbons, trophies, certificates) MUST be handed to the teacher after the ceremony.  You must stay on stage for the entire award presentation. Do not leave in the middle, wait until they dismiss you from the stage.

All money awarded to duets, trios, and group acts will be given to the Studio to go towards future choreography fees, music, travel expenses, etc.  All money awarded to soloists will be given to the soloist AFTER it is recorded at the Studio.  Please hand money awards to Bonnie IMMEDIATELY following the award ceremony.

In the audience after each performance or on stage when receiving awards, clap for everyone! When receiving your award on stage, smile and say “Thank You.” It doesn’t matter what you get as a medal standing and we will not tolerate attitudes and tears based on awards you receive or awards that your fellow classmates receive. Remember we are a team, one studio, we should be happy for everyone. Competitions vary and you may not receive the same awards at every competition.

Your attitude and behavior to others is very important to Remix. We expect you to represent the studio and yourself with respect. Treat others with respect and support your classmates.   Compliment other studios’ dancers, and applaud all performances. Enjoy the entire experience. Don’t save your happiness until you get a trophy.

Taking pictures or video taping in the theatre is strictly prohibited.  This is a strict rule from every competition that we attend,  if they catch you they will deduct points from our studios score sheets or have our performance eliminated.

Tuition fees must be paid in full in order to participate in the competition.  No dancer will participate in that competition if tuition and fees are not current.

There is usually a fee for parents, friends and family to watch the competition, it may vary between 15-20$ per person depending on the competition.

If you have any other questions or concerns please send us an email or contact the Dance Director for more info 613.868.2500.

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