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Full tuition payment is due before classes begin.  You can make up to 3 monthly payments for Sept 1st, Oct 1st and Nov 1st.  If you are making installments, you can only do so by cheques.  All post-dated cheques must be received before classes begin. Remix Dance Academy does not mail out reminders or bills for tuition.  Any unpaid balance will result in a student's removal from classes.

The dance school season is 28 weekly classes.  It is assumed when a student registers, they are registering for the full dance season. Withdrawal from classes can
only be done by the third week of classes.  Notice of withdrawal must be done in writing by the third week of classes.

Remix Dance offers partial refunds if the request is made no later than the beginning of the third class. You will be charged for the classes that you attended at a rate of 18.39$ per class.  There is a 25$ admin fee that will be charged on all refunds.  NO REFUNDS will be given after the third class.  

Refunds are given only in the event of a program cancellation due to insufficient registrations or illness/injury with a medical note from one's doctor. Refunds are effective from the day classes are cancelled or from the day we receive a medical note.

There are no refunds given for classes missed by a student throughout the season.  There are no refunds given for classes missed due due to bad weather or unforsceen circumstances such as power outage, strike, natural disaster, war etc...  T-shirt fees will not be refunded after October 15th.

A $30.00 fee will be charged for each returned cheque.  After 1 returned cheque, cash will be requested. Students with tuition in arrears will not be allowed to participate in the year end shows.

Early Bird discounts are only allocated to our students registering for the Non-Competitive Hip Hop School Year Program.  All Competitive students must pay the full competitve price. 

The dance class schedule & instructors are subject to change without notice at any point throughout the dance season. 

Small children need to be escorted to and from the dance class. Please do not encourage your child to find you out in the parking lot. Never leave your child unattended in any part of the school, at any time.   

Students should not be dropped off more than 15 minutes before their class time begins.  Students must wait inside the school until they are picked up.  Instructors cannot be responsible for students before or after their scheduled class. Please be sure to pick up your child on time after their class is over. 

Brothers, sisters, boyfriends and friends are not allowed to be loitering in the school while classes are being held.  Only parents can be in the school while the classes are running. 

Parents, legal guardians of minors, students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal dance activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after class time.

In the event of a dancer falling ill, please keep them home from class in order to reduce the chance of spreading the illness. If a dancer is injured they are encouraged to observe class.

Consistent attendance enhances the dance experience. Dance is a team sport and therefore poor attendance on the part of an individual effects the whole group. Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends class every week and that your child is on time for their class start time.  

Students are not allowed to miss more than 3 classes throughout the program.  As part of our new policy this year, students who miss 2 or 3 classes will receive a friendly phone call from their Remix instructor to remind them of our policy.  After the 3rd class missed, matters will be handed over to the Dance Director.

If we feel that the overall number of classes missed is too high, or if consistent lateness is a problem, we reserve the right to ask the student to discontinue our classes. In these circumstances, refunds will not be granted. If you expect to miss a class due to illness or conflicts, please phone or email the Dance Director. 

Parents are not allowed to watch in windows or sit in while class is in progress.  We find that dancers are less distracted and perform better without an audience during regular classes. Some exceptions will be made throughout the year when the Dance Director approves it.  

Dancers are encouraged to bring water bottles to their dance class as we will NO longer be allowing students to use the water fountains outside of the class.  Dancers are encouraged to use the washroom BEFORE class as we will no longer be bringing our younger groups for a washroom break during the class.

Any disruptive behavior or harassment will not be tolerated.  Should this occur, your child may be asked to leave the building. It is important to ensure the studio is a positive learning environment for all students. 

The following disciplinary policy is in effect:

1- Students & Parents understand that there will be no foul language used toward instructors, students or parents.
2- Students will respect and be courteous to their instructors and fellow students.
3- Students who are being disruptive will be asked to leave the class.  Continued disruptive behaviour will result in permanent withdrawal from the course (no refunds will be given).
4- Students and Parents will respect the dance school and its contents.
5- Eating and drinking are not allowed. Bottled water is acceptable and encouraged. Please bring water with you in a covered container.
6- Please pick up after yourself. Help keep your dance room clean.
7- It is proper etiquette to applaud at the conclusion of class or other student’s performances and to thank your instructor for their preparation, choreography and instruction.

Remix Dance is an organization committed to:
The principles of equity for all races, languages, faiths and cultures are to be reflected in the organization's policies, procedures and relations with staff, and the communities that we serve; 

Increase awareness and appreciation with our staff for the racial, cultural and religious backgrounds of our students;

Provide our teachers with training to ensure that they deal with all parents, students and fellow teachers in a respectful manner that is free of bias or discrimination;

To always provide an environment which is free of racism, sexism, discrimination and bias, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity;

If we receive any complaint from a client or staff member pertaining to discrimination based on racism, sexism, culture, faith or disability, the complaint will be thoroughly analyzed and should there be a finding of discrimination, corrective measures will be taken, including termination

Proper dance school attire promotes self-respect and a positive school attitude. Students should wear clothing that is suitable for hip hop dance classes. The following conditions are the NEW clothing requirements at Remix Dance:

- Running shoes must be worn at all times
- Comfortable clothes such as leggings, joggings, or shorts and a t-shirt or sweatshirt should be worn
- Shirts must fully cover the cleavage and midriff area
- Underwear should not be visible
- Shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh length.
- No inappropriate slogans or images may be worn on clothes

Please Note: The Remix T-Shirts will be handed out to students before December 1st. Students will be allowed to wear this t-shirt to class and will also need it for the Final Show.

Please check the portal website, portal.remixdance.ca,  under DANCER INFO in order to obtain details on Costume Requirements, Holidays, Picture Day, Final Show Rehearsal dates, Final Show Dates, Competitions, Special Events and more.  Dates may be subject to change from time to time, so please check the portal website frequently for any updates. It is the responsibility of the parent or student to check the Remix portal website regularly for all these notices and updates.

If there is an unforeseen circumstance, such as a winter storm, please check our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/remixdance) to see if the class is cancelled or still running.  Remix will also send out an email to notify you if the classes must be cancelled.  Remix will NOT be calling students in this situation.  If the school buses are cancelled, that does not always mean that our classes are cancelled. There will be no reimbursements for classes missed due to bad weather. 

An annual year-end show is given so that the dancers may have a night or two to shine! Participation in the performances is mandatory.  The show is usually between mid-April and mid-May.  Detailed information will be posted on our portal website.

In order to participate in the year-end shows, students must attend class (es) consistently and consecutively.  Student(s) account must be up to date.  Attending scheduled Final Show Rehearsals will be mandatory to participate in the year end show. 

There is a 15$ charge for family and friends who wish to attend our year end shows.  Whether you attend 1 or 2 shows in the same city, you must pay the fee each time.  The fee to attend the Live to Dance Show is 20$.  Children prices will be available the night of the shows.

Any pictures or videos taken of the students at Remix Dance during any time can be used for marketing and promotional purposes at the sole discretion of the owner.  All photos on our website, facebook page and marketing material are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved. Video recordings during year end shows are not permitted, DVDs of the shows can be purchased from Remix.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Remix Dance cannot stress how important it is for the dancers and parents to keep the lines of communication open. If a problem or concern arises, please speak with us immediately so a solution can be found. Without your feedback we cannot solve problems for you and your family.


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